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Suizandina Lodge is a Swiss-inspired lodge and restaurant in Malalcahuello. We have been open for 22-years and are considered an icon of the area. In addition to our lodge, we have a guest house, a private apartment, and a camping area. Guests have easy access to the Malalcahuello National Reserve, Nalcas National Reserve, Conguillio National Park and the Corralco ski-centre. We are open the entire year, and there are outdoor activities for all seasons, like horseback riding, trekking, ski-touring, and mountain biking.

At Suizandina Lodge, you will eat well, sleep well, and experience the best of the outdoors.

Our amenities


Breakfast Included

Horseback Riding

Close to Corralco

Local knowledge

Outdoor Activities

Due to COVID-19 we have restricted certain hotel and restaurant functions. Strict hygiene and sanitary measures are also in place. Please enquire when reserving.


We have accommodation varieties for everyone: solo-travellers, couples, families, groups and those in need of their privacy. Campsites are available on request and we welcome overlanders.


Our lodge has one of the best restaurants in Malalcahuello, with a menu of Swiss-specialities and Chilean favourites. Join us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Booking is essential. 


Our neighbours at Corralco Ski Centre offer pristine winter skiing, for all levels, in a beautiful national park. This is one of Chile’s premier ski centres and Suizandina Lodge is located 15 minutes away. We provide daily transport to and from the ski centre.


Suizandina Lodge is an ideal venue for weddings, group events, schools, universities, businesses, and family reunions. We have space inside and outside, provide all catering and decor, and can accommodate up to 60 guests. Host your next event with us, and make it unforgettable.

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This is our commitment to you. We are here to help you unwind, and reconnect with the outdoors, and want you to be comfortable from the moment you arrive. We hold ourselves to an international level of professionalism, quality, cleanliness, and services across our restaurant and accommodation. This is our home and our community, and we take great pride in welcoming you to experience it.


Suizandina Lodge is in Malalcahuello, in the Araucanía Region, 696 kilometers from the city of Santiago, 110 kilometers from the city of Temuco and 70 kilometers from the Pino Hachado International crossing.

If you come from the NORTH on Route 5, at kilometre 610 you must take the exit towards Victoria. Follow Route 181 for 55 kilometres and you will cross Curacautín, 29 kilometres after Curacautín is Suizandina Lodge, at kilometre 83 of Route 181.

If you come from the SOUTH on Route 5, take the exit towards Lautaro, and continue on until Curacautín. Drive through Curacautín and 29 kilometres after later you will arrive at Suizandina Lodge, at kilometre 83 of Route 181.

If you are coming from ARGENTINA, after crossing the Pino Hachado pass, follow route 181. After 40km you will cross Lonquimay. Follow Route 181 for 20 km, and you will arrive at the Las Raíces tunnel. Leaving the tunnel, continue for 11km until you arrive at Suizandina Lodge, at kilometre 83 of Route 181.