Humble beginnings

Suizandina Lodge was founded in 1998 by two Swiss travellers. They fell in love with Malalcahuello during a bicycle tour from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego and bought the land we’re on today. Along with many helping hands, they rebuilt the old farmhouse turning into a lodge and restaurant. Suizandina Lodge grew slowly over the years, as tourism in Malalcahuello became ever more popular.

A New Family

In 2010 a Swiss-Chilean family made up of Ivana Franz, Sergio Perez, and their daughter Clara became the family in charge of Suizandia Lodge. Ivana is a qualified physiotherapist (University of Zurich & University of Chile), and an expert horse rider, horse trainer, and riding teacher. It’s here where her passion truly lies. Sergio has an MBA in Business Management, and a background working in large retail, as well as running a hostel in Santiago. Clarita is the youngest of the family. She is a talented skier, a skilled horseback rider, a huge Harry Potter fan and a general people person. All told, Suizandina Lodge is proud to be a family-owned and family-run business.

Our Team

Our team is our extended family. We have two full-time chefs, Marcella and José. After your first meal here you’ll understand what makes them special. Adiel is our groundskeeper, who makes sure the property is always neat and tidy. Then, throughout the year, we provide young tourism professionals with internships. And at any time you could be assisted by a friendly face from a distant country. We’ve had volunteers from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, America, Brazil, and even South Africa.

Animal Family

What family would be complete without pets? Linda and Felina are our two dogs. Tesoro, Negra and Callie are our stable cats. Mitzi-Bitzi and Gato are our inside cats. Rolf and Juanito are the alpacas, and Panda and Manchita are the lamas. We have too many chickens to name, but Nevazón is one of the white ones…He’s Clara’s favourite. We also have four pigeons. And last but not least, our handsome horses: Pegaso, Haribo, Toni, Pailón, Moro, Quitasol, Honza and Beni, our pony. After spending some time here, you’ll get to know at least a few of them.

Future Plans

Our plans for the future are simple: to continue welcoming and hosting guests, both old and new, from far and wide, across summer, winter, autumn and spring. To do this we are working with our local tourism board to promote sustainable tourism in the Araucania Region. We have recently begun experimenting with growing our own produce and will continue to invest more time into a greener future.

Book your stay with us

We are open throughout the year and would love to have you stay with us. Please contact us to make a reservation or find out more information.

*Please note we will contact you to confirm your reservation.