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La Suizandina - su hogar lejos de la casa
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How to get to Suizandina

It is easy to get here and the trip itself is very beautiful.

Suizandina can easily be reached by public transportation as well as by car. Suizandina lies 100 km from Temuco and is situated close to Curacautín, the largest city in the vicinity.  There are buses running from all the major cities in the North and South to Curacautín. Suizandina lies at km 83 of the Camino Internacional towards Argentina, 5 kilometres before the tiny village of Malacahuello and 28 km east of Curacautín along a paved road.

The famous Conguillío National Park, the Tolhuaca National Park, the National Reserve Nalcas-Malalcahuello as well as the volcanoes Lonquimay, Llaima, Tolhuaca and Sierra Nevada all lie very close to Suizandina.

By car to Malalcahuello

The fastest way to reach us is by car via the Panamericana/Ruta 5 Sur.

When travelling from the North, take the Curacautín/Lonquimay exit in Victoria (about 600 km from Santiago de Chile). Victoria's roads are a bit confusing. If lucky you will spot the road to Curacautín. Otherwise ask people to point you in the right direction. Enjoy your ride.

When coming from the South take the Lautaro exit about 30 km North of Temuco. The road leads through a hilly picturesque landscape directly to Curacautín.

Once in Curacautín (last chance to fill your tank) follow the paved road eastward direction Lonquimay/Argentina (border crossing Pino Hachado). After 28 km Suizandina (to your left) invites you to relax.

If coming from Argentina you can travel over the Paso Pino Hachado or the Paso Icalma to get to Suizandina. The Paso Pino Hachado is one of the most important crossings to Argentina next to the Paso Cristo Redentor near Santiago. Since 2005 the road is fully paved.
In Lonquimay (last chance to fill your tank) the road leads over the marvellous pass Las Raíces or through the 4.5 km long tunnel Las Raíces, the longest in South America (no cyclists permitted). Go on travelling into the direction of Curacautín until you pass the picturesque village of Malalcahuello. Suizandina lies 3 km outside the village on the right hand side.

In Chile's major cities all types of cars can be rented.
A rental car can be reserved in advance at the airport of your arrival. The globally known car rental agencies are also located in Chile. In addition, a few very good local car rental agencies exist. We recommend that you rent a car once you are in Chile as the price-difference compared with offers from foreign countries can be quite important.

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By airplane to Temuco

There are flights from all the major cities in Chile to the national Maquehue Airport in Temuco offered from Lan Chile or Sky Air .
The flight from Santiago takes 50 minutes and costs approximately $120 US depending on the season. If you sit on the left side of the plane you can enjoy the extraordinary view over the Andes! From the airport there are minibuses that take you to the city center of Temuco ($10 US fee for the 5 km trip to Temuco by minibus).

If requested we will organise your transfer from the airport directly to Suizandina. A minibus for up to 10 people is available even upon short-term notice. The cost per trip with driver is approximately $120 US.

By bus to Curacautín - Malalcahuello

In Chile you can get to all the major destinations as well as to Suizandina) by bus.

There are direct buses running to Curacautín from: Puerto Montt, Osorno, Valdivia, Temuco, Concepcón, Los Ángeles, Chillán and Santiago.

The bus company INTER has direct buses from Santiago to Lonquimay. You can get off the bus at the door step of Suizandina, at km 83 4 km before Malalcahuello.

The ERBUC bus line has direct buses running from the Temuco "Terminal Rural" (next to the vegetable market) as well as the BIO-BIO company from Temuco centre to Suizandina. Just tell the bus driver you wish to get off the bus at km 83 4 km before Malacahuello at Suizandina.

The Argentinean bus company Vía Bariloche has regular bus runs from Buenos Aires via Neuquén to Temuco and returning. Once again, it is possible to embark and disembark at our guesthouse, 4 km west of Malalcahuello (reservation necessary).

Note: The new inter-regional bus terminal in Temuco is situated in the northern part of the city, 5 km out of the city centre.

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