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Bike Trips

You are welcome to use our bikes to explore on your own for daily tours or several day tours. We will gladly provide you with detailed trip information.

We rent mountainbikes:

1 day:      6.000 CLP
1/2 days: 3.500 CLP (from 14.00)

Excursions to Lonquimay
This day trip leads you over the beautiful pass Las Raices to the village Lonquimay. After reaching the peak (1000m - 1800m) there is a marvelous panoramic view of the Lonquimay volcano and the surrounding area filled with Araucarias.

Trip to the tunnel "Las Raices"
Bicycling eastward on the paved main road you will arrive at South Americas longest tunnel measuring 16km.

Hot springs
Take a short ride to the thermals and enjoy the hot water. The Malalcahuello thermals are 5 km, those of Manzanar 10 km away from Suizandina.

Along the river Cautín
This rather short trip (1½ hrs) follows the river upstream to the village of Malacahuello. While biking on this natural road it is often possible to go down to the riverbank. The river snakes quietly and idyllically through the flat meadowland before getting wilder as it passes through a small ravine. If you are lucky you may spot a Martín Pescador perched and on the lookout for some tasty fish. After about an hour you will arrive at the village of Malalcahuello where you can visit the thermals for a relaxing hot bath. From there its only a 4 to 5 km trip along the paved main road back to Suizandina.

Big excursion towards "Laguna Blanca"
This pleasant (6 hr) day trip, on a lonely gravel road, leads passed cliff walls and along a wild river towards the volcano Tolhuaca. Along the road you are presented with various landscapes and marvelous views of both the Lonquimay and Tolhuaca volcanoes. If you feel up to a bit more, you can take a side-trip to the Laguna Blanca at the foot of the volcano; however this excursion is for rather sporty bikers. On your way back to Suizandina you can also visit the waterfalls Salto de la Princesa or Salto del Indio.


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