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Horseback riding

Explore the breathtaking nature on horseback

We organize tours on horseback according to your wishes and level of horseriding skills. Our horses are well ridden and enjoy most of there time outside in the pasture. They are very kind and calm and therefore also beginners and children will be able to enjoy a ride with them out in the nature.

If you like to get to know the horses before riding out or if you just wish to refresh your riding skills, you can do so and book a horseriding lesson with Ivana. We offer lessons to beginners as well as skilled riders.

Please do book your horseback ride or your lesson at least a day in advance.

Our horses:

Our „professor“: Is able to do everything, knows everything, does everything. Sorry, it’s usually the boss’ privilege to ride him :-)


El Musculoso
The untiring one: The steeper it gets, the more he gives – a real working animal!


Always remaining kid: He is always up to horseplaying but is very sensitive at the same time.


El Moro
The patient one: Nothing (or no one) can shake his calmness. He carries beginners and children safely through the countryside.


The young and talented: Although he is the youngest horse of all, he is a very responsible team member.


The favourite of all kids: Our smallest one with huge personality.


Our tours are guided and before we take off we explain the most important points about handling a horse to you so that you will be able to really enjoy nature while riding.

For small kids we offer pony riding.

Prices per Person:

Trailride 45 – 60 minutes: $ 10.000
Trailride 1.5 hours $ 12.000
Trailride 4 hours

$ 35.000

Dayride 7-8 hours $ 55.000
Pony riding 1/2 hours $   4.000
Riding lesson on our horses

$ 15.000

Riding lesson on own horse $ 10.000

The dayride includes a lunch-box (sandwich, water, granola-bar, fruit) and a bye-bye drink on arrival at the Suizandina after the ride. Don’t forget your camera! We recommend confortable clothes (long pants, pullover, good shoes) and a raincoat.

For your own safety we recommend wearing a riding helmet. Kids and adolecents under the age of 18 are obliged to wear a helmet.