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Bird watching

Besides the king of the Andes, the condor, a wide range of birds can be seen within the surrounding area like Martin Pescador, woodpecker, parrots, owl and other flying beauties.

Bird watching on your own

On all the hiking pathes in the region you will have the chance to see a huge variety of birds. So, you just have to take a walk.

If you are looking for a condor, best take the day hike to Sierra Nevada. Before the summit, but already in the rocky upper part of the hike, very often there are condors sailing above your head. You don't have to wait for them, becasue as soon as they see or feel you, the curious conders will arrive.

And who's not up to big walks can step out of Suizandina and in the backyard you will see a nice variety. Here some examples:

BUFF-NECKED IBIS (Theristicus Melanopis)
This bird, which is found in meadows, swamp lands and ploughed fields feeds on worms and insects. It has a characteristic and unmistakable metallic clanking call.

BAY-WINGED HAWK (Parabuteo unicinctus)

This big hunter shows a marked preference for open country and brush-covered hillsides. Its diet consists mainly of rabbits, mice and even small birds snatched in midair.

AUSTRAL PARAKEET (Enicognathus ferrugieneus)

A typical bird of the Andes and the Araucarian forests. It feeds on the seeds of the Araucanria araucana. When in flocks a loud din heralds its coming.

MAGELLANIC WOODPECKER (Campephilus magellanicus)

The strong hammering noise and loud penetrating call make this woodpecker quite easy to spot. It uses its long stiff tail for support as it moves vertically along the tree trunk.


Guided birdwatching tours:

Gladly we organize a guided bird watching tour. Depending on the length of the tour the cost is from 18.500 CLP per person incl. transfer.

To book your tour, just contact us!