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Nature and the outdoors is truly what makes the Araucania Region, and Malalcalhuello in particular, so special. Suizandina Lodge is surrounded by national parks, hiking trails, vast ancient forests, winding rivers, and of course towering volcanoes, which during winter months, are covered in snow. Throughout the year this is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, but most famously in winter when the region provides some of the best skiing and snowboarding conditions in the whole of Chile. When you stay at Suizandina Lodge, you will be in the perfect position to experience the best of the outdoors, in summer, winter, autumn and spring.

Suizandina Lodge will connect you with a local guide that can help plan any activity in the area.

Horseback Rides

Explore the forests, trails, and mountains of Malalcahuello on horseback. Our horseback rides are guided by an expert, and we have special permissions to access areas of the national parks that no one else can. We all the necessary gear and will ensure you are comfortable before starting. Trails range in duration, so please contact us for more information. We also offer horse riding classes to beginners and skilled riders, of all ages. Whether you’ve been riding for years, or never before, we invite you to join us.

Corralco Ski Centre

The Corralco Ski Centre sits at the base of Lonquimay Volcano and offers some of the best winter skiing in Chile, complete with ski lifts, slopes for all levels, gear rental and ski lessons. Corralco Ski Centre is just 15 minutes away from Suizandina Lodge, inside the beautiful Malalcahuello National Park. There are few things better to do in Malalcahuello than spending the day on the snowy slopes with friends and family. And for those who’d prefer some pampering, Corralco also has a wellness centre and spa.

Trekking and Ski-Touring

From Suizandina Lodge you have access to short walks, day hikes, multi-day treks, volcano summits, and glacier and snow traverses. The trails vary in difficulty, and each season provides its own challenges. We have extensive experience in the area, and will happily advise guests on the best routes, as well as any places to avoid. On request, we offer guided trekking in Malalcahuello, Nalcas, and Conguillo National Parks. Detailed trekking maps are available for sale at our reception.

Bike Touring

One of the best ways to explore Malalcahuello and the surrounding towns is by bicycle. There is a cycleway that runs through the town, and many more trails in the surrounding hills. Rent a bicycle at Suizandina and explore at your own pace. We will gladly help you plan a trip.


Paddling down the beautiful Rio Cautín in a kayak is an incredible experience. The river winds through Malacahuello, gently guiding you downstream. Along the way, you’ll have grand views of Lonquimay volcano, native forests, and plenty of birdlife. This is a great activity for the whole family, with no prior experience needed. We will connect you with a local expert that will supply rental equipment, and an experienced guide.

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