You can begin your hikes right from our front door. Marked hiking trails run along with our property and offer a wide range of touring possibilities. Relatively easy hikes, longer trekking tours, or difficult glacier and snow crossings are all accessible. Furthermore, you have a good chance of spotting a magnificent condor in flight while hiking. We put the nicest hiking tours together and describe them for you. Of course, there are many more possibilities to discover our area on foot. They can be combined as well. At Suizandina you get more detailed information for having a varied stay.


Piedra Santa hike

The easy hike takes you through Chilean virgin forest. The proud Araucaria, the Chilean national tree that can get to be more than 1000 years old, builds together with the giant Coige an impressive scenery. The well-kept path starts at the CONAF administration in Malalcahuello and goes up to the timber-line and to the highest point of the hike, the Cerro Colorado. From there, you have a great round view to the valley of the Cautin River and the mountain chains around. Then you walk to the foot of the volcano Lonquimay and directly back to Suizandina. This hike takes you about 6 hours.


Lonquimay volcano tour

The Lonquimay (2940 m) is our house-mountain and for many of our guests the main attraction. If you are an experienced mountain climber you can reach the top of it on your own. But you shouldn’t underestimate it – depending on the season and the conditions you have to accept snow and icy parts. You might need sticks, climbing-irons and maybe even a rope. The hike starts at the ski-station Corralco, 20 km from Suizandina at 1600 m.o.s.. The first two thirds of the way are technically easy and no problem for people with good condition. But on the upper part you walk over ashes and stones which makes it harder. For the ridge on the last third you need to be free from giddiness and sure footed. Often there are strong winds blowing. Going to the top takes you three to four hours. If the view is good, you can see up to 14 volcanoes in a 250 km radius up there.

If you want to go to the top of Lonquimay, sure and without any incidents, we organize a local guide with an international certificate for you. Please contact us.


Llaima volcano tour

The volcano Llaima (3200 m) is situated in the Conguillio National Park. To the Laguna Captrin (1600 m.o.s.) It’s a 1 h drive. For experienced hikers it’s possible to go to the top on their own. For less experienced ones we recommend to take a local guide on the tour. Please contact us. You have to expect snow and icy parts the whole year through. You need good mountain shoes, sticks, climbing-irons and maybe even a rope. The first three hours are technically easy and no problem for people with good condition. On the upper part it’s getting steeper (up to 45%) and you have to take care not to slide on the ashes, stones or even on snow-fields. It’s a 5 to 6 hours hike. The nearer you come to the top the more you can smell the sulphur steam that comes out of its impressive throat. If the view is good you can see several volcanoes in a radius of 250 km from the top. On the foot of the mountain you can spot the Laguna Conguillio, Captren and Verde and a bit further away the Laguna Icalma and the Lago Alumine in Argentina.


Sierra Nevada day tour

This round trip takes you from Malalcahuello to the foothills of the volcano Sierra Nevada. On your way you enjoy a great view to the nearby volcanoes and the Araucaria-woods. After maybe 3 hours you get to the turning point. Here you take a rather steep walk downhill to the valley of the Colorado-River. Follow the river until you are back at your starting-point at the thermal spa of Malalcahuello. This walk takes you about 6 hours.


Traversing the Sierra Nevada

This demanding trail leads from Conguillio National Park across the Sierra Nevada to Malalcahuello, only 3 km away from Suizandina. The remarkable glacier crossing, including overnight camping at a height of 2000 m, is challenging and must be undertaken with the proper equipment and the help of an experienced guide (something we can arrange). To get to the starting point of the tour you need a transfer to the Conguillio National Park. The hike begins at the Playa Linda, at the south end of the Laguna Conguillio. The path leads through Araucaria forests and passes two vantage points with a breathtaking view over the Laguna Conguillo, the volcano Llaima in the background. After a 2 hours uphill walk you get to the timber-line and pass a high valley with colorful flora. The uphill climb in ice and rocks on the backside of the Sierra Nevada and the crossing to the top we recommend for experienced mountain climbers only. The Sierra Nevada Glacier is one of the biggest in this area and covered with snow the whole year through. Information from local people is important for finding the best descent from the top to the night camp. The great view over the central valley and until to the coast-cordillere rewards you for all the effort of the day. The next morning your descent goes on over the northern ridge and down to the village Malalcahuello. Here you have the possibility to relax in the hot water of the Termas de Malalcahuello. You will need 10 to 12 hours for walking (without rests).