Swiss style. Chilean hospitality.

Suizandina is a Swiss-inspired lodge and restaurant, set in the heart of Malalcahuello. For 22-years, we have welcomed international and local travellers, families, overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as catering for corporate functions, weddings, and school camps. Located in the centre of the Araucaria region, Suizandina offers guests easy access to national parks, volcanoes, rivers, trails, hot springs, and the Corralco Ski-Centre.  Across summer and winter, there is always something to do, and we are experts in horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking and ski-touring. At Suizandina you will eat well, sleep well, and experience the best of the outdoors, those are promises we’ve kept since opening our doors in 1998.

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We are currently renovating our website. Please use the form or contact us directly for bookings or enquiries. Due to COVID-19 certain restrictions and limitations are in place. (+56) 45 197 3725(+56) 9 9884